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Supporting singles and couples in co-creating healthy love relationships.

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What people say about singles2couples.org

It was so lovely to have you here. You contributed SO much to our meeting, and more importantly to helping us clarify our directions. I was really glad you could make it.
Pat Palmer, Unity in Marin Singles

Last night was a real surprise. I had no idea a singles event could be so comfortable and fun, and I am not sure exactly how you made that happen. Whatever it was, we want to learn how to create a similar atmosphere of quiet comfort and playfulness for Unity in Marin Singles events.
I enjoyed meeting you and the knowledge you shared with me regarding relationships.
Karen (more)
I was very touched by your being.
Rustine (more)
Thank you, Martin, for meeting with me. I've had an opportunity to use some of your good ideas already! (more)
Hugs, Linda
I'm  so grateful to know someone like you who is so passionate about relationships. (more)

I appreciate the consultation. You've given me some very helpful advice. (more)

You were such a breath of fresh air, I just didn't want to stop talking to you.  (more)

Thank you for all of your insights, wisdom and good conversation. (more)

You are a breath of fresh air and a delight to converse with! (more)
I left with tools to help me identify and attract the man I'm looking for. (more)
You have been a positive and powerful inspiration in my own life views. (more)
(You) are very skilled at holding forth, at explaining and imparting knowledge. (more)
With love, Christine
Since the information is meant to be supportive of personal growth, I recommend it for anyone (single or not). (more)
Clearly you are a deep thinker in the arena of love relationships. (more)
David Quigley (Director Alchemy Institute of Hypnosis)
You are an amazing force for positive healthy fun ... (more)
How fortunate for us men, that you have taken the time to look deeply into this mysterious process (more)
Regards, Edgar
I had my third date last night, so it did work and I thank you very much (more)
Working with you was a pleasure. I felt renewed hope of meeting my right mate.
Love and a big hug, (more)
Thank you for being so compassionate and understanding (more)
Thank you for the heart in you that is a healing force in the world.
Much Love Rafe and Debra

Thanks so much for the good that you are in the world.
You are blessing to us. Thank you.
I had an enjoyable and valuable evening and I look forward to my next opportunity to return to singles2couples.
Thanks so much for Wednesday evening. I enjoyed meeting everyone and you make a great facilitator... (more)
In gratitude,
I recommend that you check out singles2couples.... (more)
Debra Giusti
The speakers and the information and events are excellent.
Blessings, Joan
Martin, you've done a great job of putting together a lot of information and resources ... (more)
My session with Martin felt very comfortable ... (more)
singles2couples is something that I know will be of interest to many (more)
Dr. Edward Viljoen, Senior Minister CSLSR
Martin is a wonderful, humble, knowledgeable and dynamic facilitator that really DOES care about our finding wonderfully fulfilling relationships (more)
Blessings, Chiron
I have had substantially more responses to my profile since I made the changes that Martin suggested (more)
Thank you, Ed
Martin, you have great empathy for those who are unsure they are worthy of love, and you are naturally very kind, accepting, and positive (more)
Lee Liebner, PhD


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