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It was so lovely to have you here. You contributed SO much to our meeting, and more importantly to helping us clarify our directions. I was really glad you could make it.
Pat Palmer, Unity in Marin Singles

What can I say but thank you! The write up that you did was wonderful!  I'm  so grateful to know someone like you who is so passionate about relationships. It was very unselfish of you to spend all of that time on my profile.
I will be talking with you soon.
Just wanted to tell you I appreciate the consultation. You've given me some very helpful advice. There are some helpful tips in that book you leant me as well. I plan on developing more of a "thick skin" as you suggested, in order to actually find out if someone is interested in me.
Thank you for all of your insights, wisdom and good conversation.  I do appreciate it and am looking forward to reading the items you gave to me and learning more. 
I truly appreciate the time and wisdom you gave yesterday!!! I left with tools to help me identify and attract the man I'm looking for, as well as pratical ideas for posting my Match.com profile. Thank you.
I very much value your level of commitment to learning and growing as an individual as well as your study of males and females in an effort to improve the quality of communication and intimacy in their relationships. You have been a positive and powerful inspiration in my own life views. I just want to spread word of your work and your organization around to others--especially men! I believe If more men understood women and approached their relationships in the way you do, more relationships would work.
I want to share what has worked for me in hopes that singles2couples's economical presentations may also support you in your personal growth. Their Wednesday evening entertainment / education works for any individual seeking support in personal growth and a deepening in self-understanding. I have been attending for several months and find that the materials provided have taught me many things about myself. Since the information is meant to be supportive of personal growth, I recommend it for anyone (single or not).
Hi Martin,
You are an amazing force for positive healthy fun. We are so lucky to have you doing all the wonderful things you are organizing for everyone to enjoy.
Thanks so much for all that you do.
Hi Martin,
I wanted you to know that after all I did meet someone from Match.com, the last week of my 3 month membership, and had my third date last night, so it did work and I thank you very much. He is a very nice man and we have allot in common, although he does live in Livermore and so far not a problem. So thank you very much and keep the faith.
Thank you Martin for your help in preparing my profile for online dating. It was very valuable to have your comments and suggestions. Your
comments made me really think about myself, who I really am and what I want. After our conversations, I suddenly realized a lot of things
about myself that I had difficulty expressing before. And thank you for being so compassionate and understanding.
After my visit to the s2c group I went to the site and did a complete enneagram. What an eye opener. I encouraged my best friend, then my daughter in law and her friend to do it too, and they were floored by the accuracy. We all found the test very useful. I will not always be able to attend but it doesn’t mean that I do not appreciate what you are offering. You are blessing to us.
Thank you.

I recommend that you check out singles2couples.org (s2c), which is a new Association for Healthy Relationships, based in Santa Rosa.
s2c has developed a unique path and support system that helps Singles to find a wonderful partner and to create a healthy relationship.
s2c offers individual consultations at their Santa Rosa office, a weekly Singles Group and a Website with local events and resources for singles. All their offerings are on a very reasonable donation basis. No one is turned away for lack of funds. If you are Single and interested to get into a healthy romantic love relationship , I suggest you call Martin at 707-566-2106, visit www.singles2couples.org and check out the Singles Group, every Wednesday from 6:59 to 8:59 at the Health, Movement and Learning Center at 238 Roberts Ave, near Downtown Santa Rosa.
In Harmony,

Debra Giusti
Founder of the 28th Harmony Festival

I have been out of the dating scene for several years and getting my profile up and running on the internet was rough. My session with Martin felt comfortable as he inquired about the things I value and my lifestyle, as well as who I wanted to attract into my life - his questions helped me to open up to reflecting on what is important to me. I was pleased with his write-up as it felt refreshing to see our conversation turn into my profile.
Martin has a knack for sensing a need to bring people together in a group, and to form and guide that group in a gentle and meaningful way. singles2couples (s2c) meets a need for women and men searching for love in the 21st century. We meet in friendly surroundings in a support group to learn and share with each other about dating, with a focus on online dating. Martin and his (former) partner Kim are funny, knowledgeable, and genuine in the way they lead our gatherings. I've enjoyed every meeting.

I have used online dating for a while, and had always written my own profiles. I asked Martin to critique my profile, and he gave great suggestions which smoothed out the rough spots and made my profile speak more clearly. I have had substantially more responses since I made the changes he suggested.
I recommend to anyone looking for a love relationship: come to a support meeting or talk to Martin about s2c.
Martin is a wonderful, humble, knowledgeable and dynamic facilitator who really DOES care about our finding wonderfully fulfilling relationships.
Each week is a different focus (this week it is about assisting us in creating profiles for on-line dating services) with notable relationship expert guest speakers coming by periodically.
I highly recommend "s2c" and invite you to check them out at www.singles2couples.org and join us tomorrow night....
Blessings, Chiron

Your testimonial here? Please contact us if you have something nice to say ... or even not.

Last night was a real surprise. I had no idea a singles event could be so comfortable and fun, and I am not sure exactly how you made that happen. Whatever it was, we want to learn how to create a similar atmosphere of quiet comfort and playfulness for Unity in Marin Singles events.
Barbara, Unity in Marin Singles

Thank you for today's meeting. I enjoyed meeting you and the knowledge you shared with me regarding relationships.

Thank you for all your insights, sensitivity, generosity, awareness and time. I had a lot of fun working with you and was very touched by your being.
What I have realized is that I have been lacking the expansion of a learning experience for a very long time and you were such a breath of fresh air, I just didn't want to stop talking to you.

I just love to read your intelligent and thought provoking emails--and I look forward to your book coming out because I want to read it! Thanks for the fresh inspiration! I do agree with you that a more transcendent view of the male / female paradigm needs to take place. I believe that we may be able to find a way to evolve past our old ideas about the masculine and feminine. You are a breath of fresh air and a delight to converse with!
Susie, OR
You are a real gem, Martin, so open-hearted and sensitive, such a good communicator, plus you have such a wealth of wisdom and intellectual prowess and are very skilled at holding forth, at explaining and imparting knowledge.
Thank you for your friendship. With love, Christine
Martin, I enjoyed our phone conversation this morning. Clearly you are a deep thinker in the arena of love relationships.
David Quigley (Director Alchemy Institute of Hypnosis)
Hi Martin,
I wanted to thank you for your time in
spending an hour with me. It was most informative and interesting, providing this whole process of relating to women in a conscious way. How fortunate for us men, that you have taken the time to look deeply into this mysterious process.
Regards, Edgar
Hi Martin,
Working with you was a pleasure. I felt renewed hope of meeting my right mate. Your are very knowledgeable about computers and putting up my pictures was so easy for you while it still baffles me. I so appreciate the time and energy you put into helping me with my ad and now I feel the rest is up to God. Also appreciated the prayer affirimatins you sent me to read for 30 days from Rev. Edward, which was a very special nice touch. I feel in my heart of hearts that the time for me to meet someone is near. Thank you again for all your help and encourgement. See ya Sunday, Love and a big hug,
Thank you so much for the gift of your heart & musical talent in making our wedding special! Thank you for the heart in you that is a healing force in the world.
Much Love Rafe and Debra

I appreciate so much, what you have created in this website and this option for single people who want to explore relationship in a conscious way. The speakers and the information and events are excellent.
Blessings, Joan
I am SO pleased that you sent over the email about last night's HAI gathering. My heart is still warm and open this morning.....such a happy, healthy feeling. I guess I can say that I feel
less like a busy mind on a body and more like an integrated woman today. Thanks so much for the good that you are in the world.
I attended singles2couples not knowing exactly what was going to take place.
On the evening I attended I was pleasantly surprised by the friendliness of
everyone gathered there. And, I was thrilled by the informative, experiental presentation given by Michelle Masters. I had an enjoyable and valuable evening and I look forward to my next opportunity to return to singles2couples.
Hi Martin,
Thanks so much for Wednesday evening. I enjoyed meeting everyone and sharing the experience of being single. Group work is so empowering and you are a great facilitator.
In gratitude,
"Martin, you've done a great job of putting together a lot of information and resources in a way that makes it easy to access through your website. Your comprehensive calendar and links to other websites and calendars makes your website a good central one for singles to go to for the latest info".
Dear Friends,
Many of you will know Martin Ucik as the tireless, faithful volunteer keyboardist on Sundays as well as the co-facilitator of the Power of Now Group (PONG). Martin is absolutely an example of SEVA in action and I am so happy to share with you that he is now adding to his list of things to do, something (singles2couples) that is not associated with the Center for Spiritual Living, but something that I know will be of interest to many. So this is both to celebrate a strongly engaged member and to let you know about something new.
Warm regards,

Dr. Edward Viljoen, Senior Minister CSLSR
Martin, you have a large vision of helping people feel free to become themselves by going beyond themselves. You will help them find the courage to give themselves to others selflessly and with great vulnerability. Some may have been hurt in the past. They may feel like they are extending themselves over a great chasm to reach out to another person. They feel the hope of making it safely to the other side at the same time as they feel the fear of falling. You will help their hearts grow wings and learn to fly.
You are the perfect person to facilitate this. You have great empathy for those who are unsure they are worthy of love, and you are naturally very kind, accepting, and positive. People like you and feel good about themselves around you. This is a gift. I am so happy that you are sharing this gift in such a big way. Bravo!
Lee Liebner, PhD

Thank you Martin! You touch many lives in wonderful ways- thanks for sharing your many gifts.
Love, Barbara Jean, CSLSR

Dear Martin:
Thank you again for 3 1/2 years of your time in leadership of the Power Of Now Group. I appreciate you for your service, music and support.
Warm regards, Dr. Edward Viljoen, Senior Minister CSLSR
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