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We Deliver Soulmates We Deliver Soulmates
Matchmaking for Integral Relationship Evolutionaries


Dear Friend of Healthy Relationships:
Integral Relationships: A Manual for Men has recently become a huge success in the Integral community worldwide and is now endorsed by Ken Wilber himself. Readers from all over the world have asked us to provide a matchmaking service for Integrally informed singles who subscribe to the 12 Core Values for Integral Relationship Evolutionaries, listed below:

  1. We choose to love (instead of something that happens to us) and see the quality of our relationship as an indicator of our psychological health and spiritual realization.
  2. We transcend our primary fantasy and base our relationship in Being values, versus material, sexual, or emotional neediness.
  3. We use our relationship for ongoing mutual learning, healing, growth and awakening towards the capacity to love unconditionally.
  4. We hold an evolutionary perspective and have reached or strive towards an integral, transpersonal or higher level of consciousness.
  5. We continually develop, balance and harmonize our healthy feminine and masculine polarities.
  6. We meet each other as opposites and equals to create synergy at the level of all seven chakras.
  7. We share a purpose for our relationship which is larger than either individual and is offered in service for the greatest good of the largest number of people.
  8. We have an Integral Life Practice (ILP) with modules for the health of our body, mind, spirit/soul, and shadow, as well as ethics, sexuality, work, emotions, and relationships.
  9. We make an explicit agreement to tell/listen-to each other’s truths without the need for validation or acceptance from our partner, and to own our emotional reactions to our partner's reality.
  10. We set and respect each other's healthy boundaries.
  11. We share material resources and pursue an environmentally and socially responsible lifestyle.
  12. We engage in sacred/tantric sexuality and practice monogamy out of choice instead of fear.

We are therefore focusing our matchmaking service on Integral Relationship Evolutionaries who are Integrally informed and identify with the 12 values above.  To learn more about the Integral Relationship model you may request the first two chapters of Integral Relationships: A Manual for Men from our sister website www.integralrelationship.com as a PDF file for FREE and buy the book at a 50% discount here.

To participate in the new matchmaking service, fill out the qualification form before interviewing with one of our trained Integral Relationship coaches on the phone, through skype or in person (for a $60 per hour fee) to clarify your relationship goals and qualify for the service.  Once qualified, your relationship goals and desires for a partner, as well as two current photos (portrait and full body), will be entered into our matchmaking database for an additional $60 set-up fee.  Upon identification of your potential partners, we forward profiles (with photos) of compatible matches for your review, excluding name and contact information; then you inform us of who you would like to get to know.  When there is a mutual interest, we provide you and your potential partner with each other’s contact information, for which each party pays a $60 referral fee.  With this service, you can be assured that all the matches we send to you are pre-qualified by us, fully available, and share the same values and relationship goals as you.

Click here for the sign-up and questionnaire form.

Clients who are not interested or don’t qualify for this new service may still become coaching clients and/or take advantage of other healthy relationship resources such as coaches, therapists, books, workshops, seminars, groups, singles events etc. that we will suggest.

Please let us know if you are interested in taking the orientation and pre-qualifying interview.

Warm Regards,

Martin Ucik

Author of "Integral Relationships: A Manual for Men"


- An astonishingly complete manual for men based on virtually all the elements of the Integral model, in itself a remarkable feat. And the advice is truly sound. A great book!—Ken Wilber, The Integral Vision
- An insightful and powerful application of the Integral model to what has to be the most compelling developmental topic in the world. Straight forward, refreshing and candid in a landscape littered with cloying fluff.—Robb Smith, CEO Integral Institute
- Get this book and pay attention to what it has to say.—Prof. Allan Combs
- A very intelligent, original, penetrating, enlightening and well-written analysis of male-female relationships.—Michael Morrissey, Ph.D.
- Ladies and gents, please... let's get the word out! This book is phenomenal....—Susan Hodges, M.A. MFT, Certified Integral Coach etc.

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